Buffalo David Bitton is an iconic fashion brand rooted in high-quality denim pieces ranging in style, fit and function for everyone and anyone.

Founded in France and brought to Montreal 50 years ago, Buffalo is a global fashion brand offering a strong denim collection along with a complete assortment of apparel and accessories for men and women. Buffalo has continued to become a canvas for individuality and outspoken style. Denim that defines you. Not only to be seen but to be seen differently.

This is who we are, We Are Denim. 

Overview of our campaign


We are seeking talented creators to join our exclusive influencer group and showcase our exciting new Summer Collection. Get ready to rock the season with our latest styles and trends.

We can't wait to see your exceptional styling skills in action as you highlight the versatility and fashion-forwardness of our new arrivals. Let our Summer Collection inspire you to create captivating content that sets new trends and makes a bold statement. Together, let's celebrate summer in style and inspire others to do the same.

Are you a good fit?

We are looking for driven influencers who match these criteria:

Demographic: You should be 18 years + before applying to our affiliate program.

Interests: We are looking for fashion and lifestyle-driven influencers who like to share fashion content such as styling tips, trending pieces, aesthetics and promo offers with their audience.

Audience: Do you have an engaged audience who loves the latest fashion trends?

A program with benefits

As a David Buffalo Bitton affiliate you will be part of a generous gifting and commission program.

*Commission rates may be subjected to change.


I am a I can earn* I can offer

Fashion & lifestyle influencer

15% commission on each sale my followers make through my customized affiliate link (Link attribution window of 14 days)

Coupon codes and exclusive offers such as 20% Off.

Guidelines and Policies


  • Include your gifted product(s) in your post - should be the focus of your post.
  • Include yourself wearing the products in an authentic manner (how you'd normally style it).
  • If possible, keep the Buffalo logo visible on the included product.
  • If you are posting a carousel, you can include an OOTD type layout, on undistracted backgrounds, like a bed or floor for example. Stay away from having distracting backgrounds, particularly messy backgrounds or full closets.
  • Carousel posts should have @buffalojeans tagged in first image.
  • Post should include the following hashtags: #AD #Buffalojeans #WeAreDenim #Summerashion . All posts must remain live for at least one year after posting.


Instagram posts and guidelines

  • Tagging @buffalojeans is required in every post.
  • All IG post captions must mention Buffalo’s new arrival 2024 collection in some way.


Reels, Tiktoks or Videos Guidelines

  • The video should be used to highlight the look and feel of the included gift.
  • They should be no longer than 30 seconds.
  • Any reel posted must also be shared to your Instagram feed as well as your Story.
  • Utilizing trending audio and/or challenges or other trends is encouraged.
  • Avoid audio with profanity.
  • @buffalojeans is to be tagged in every Reel, Tiktok or Video.

Post dates

POSTS MUST GO LIVE 14 days after receiving the products -if you have any issues doing so please send us a message via the collabs platform. You will be required to return any free product if you do not post.

Policy compliance

By accepting our affiliation, you acknowledge and accept Shopify Collabs' terms of service. You acknowledge and accept that the content you publicly posted with our products can be reused at any time with attribution and on any platform by David Buffalo Bitton. In particular instances Buffalo may contact you to negotiate whitelisting fees if we want to use the content without attribution.

Create an account or log into Shopify Collabs. Get inspired with our latest posts.
Create an account or log into Shopify Collabs Get inspired with our latest posts

Any inquiries?

If you have any questions you can contact us via the Shopify Collabs platform or by email.