Cotton Made in Africa (CMiA) is a foundation that fosters sustainable cotton farming practices across cotton-bearing African countries. CMiA’s mission ranges from social, economic, and gender equity to sustainable farming practices. The majority of CMiA’s funding is allocated towards providing access to modern technology that increases crop yield while decreasing water waste, pesticide usage, biodiversity loss, and general crop protection.

CMiA notes that nearly half of all small-holder farms in Africa are supported by cotton farming practices. Their belief is that by bettering the fair-trade of cotton in Africa, poverty will inherently decrease. As the CMiA supports over one million small-holder farms, and 32.13% of all cotton farmed in Africa is CMiA certified, the social impacts of this organization are already being felt.
A number of studies have shown that blue-water consumption in CMiA certified farms is zero (meaning that all are rain-fed), no-till farming practices have greatly increased the soil’s carbon retention capacity, and general soil acidification is markedly lower than the global average. This implies a host of significant impact reductions for Buffalo further down the supply chain. Ultimately, the changes being made at the farm reduce the overall ecological impact of our products.